Let Me Introduce Myself

Welcome to “To Your Health Wellness”. My name is Liz and today is my first post!  I invite you to join me as I navigate the world of Wellness and my place in it.

I should start by telling you about myself. I am a 55 year old woman! I am imperfect, flawed and self-critical. I am also opposed to each one of the traits I just mentioned. This knowledge is what  has driven me to my latest career, Wellness Coaching.

Let me give you a little history. I began my career as a teacher. I taught Middle School English for three years. My journey there taught me that I wanted to listen as well as teach and so I pursued a Master’s Degree in School Counseling. I finished my degree in the mid 80’s and, like so many, found that my vision of Counseling and the vision held by schools were diametrically opposed. I opted instead to work for a city government specializing in the education and dissemination of materials regarding women’s  health issues.

Marriage and motherhood put some of my career aspirations on hold, but I managed to invest time in volunteer activities and part time work. I became a motivational speaker for an international weight loss program in 2006. My kids were heading off to college, I had been successful on this program and I dove in headfirst. I was successful and motivated to help others find balance and wellness in their lives.

Fast forward to May 2013. I had been increasingly dissatisfied with my job. I could go on for pages, but the short version is that I was not truly helping people to manage their weight. In many ways I was encouraging them to focus on the number on the scale and NOT on themselves. Enter Wellness Coaching! I spent the better part of the spring and summer completing my training as a Health and Wellness Coach.

So with degree in hand, I began to debate the application this training could offer me. Many of you may know that Health and Wellness Coaching is a rapidly growing industry, often available through large corporations.

I researched many opportunities and then, like most good ideas, I began to fantasize about the perfect place for me. It was not in a corporate setting.

I believe in Wellness as a concept. I also believe that the majority of us are not “well” ;at least we don’t measure up to our own expectations or goals.

Enter the blog and “To Your Health”. Wellness is within each of us, but like the onion it has many layers. I am committed to helping you discover your optimum wellness just as I continue to discover mine.

So, let’s begin this journey. My hope is to provide resources, ideas and opportunities that will allow you to experience your best self.


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