Happy 2014!

As we ring in 2014, it’s time to take stock. Are you where you want to be? What’s on your bucket list? For that matter, forget bucket lists, are you challenged, satisfied and fulfilled by the life you lead? What might you change?
I am a list maker, an organizer. I don’t like resolutions, l like plans..projects! What plans are you making for yourself this year?  Need to change jobs, change locations, change the sheets?
This year I am using a trick from my English-teaching days! Remember the outline? Roman numerals, capital letters and so forth? Maybe I am dating myself. At any rate, I have outlined 3 areas that I want to pay attention to:
1. Physical Health
2. Relationships
3. Career Endeavors
Look at my list, are you overwhelmed yet, I could be? But here’s the trick; when I use the outline I can specify what steps I need to take to achieve success. BABY STEPS! Instead of stating that I want to lose weight, I choose to list the ways in which my goal can be accomplished . Once I know what areas need attention, I can choose which one to work on and develop a plan for implementation . For instance, 2013 was  a tough year and my body paid the price. When I resolve that  ” I will lose xx pounds and go to the gym every day for one hour”, I am setting myself up for failure! Rather, I break my goal of Physical Health into more manageable bites. I will replace soda with water starting jan 1 or I will reduce my soda intake as of today! You see…small manageable steps…if the above still feels unreachable, maybe you need to be even more detail-oriented.
Most important, goals are NOT punishment, they are “gifts” you bestow upon yourself.
My first act, you ask ( maybe you didn’t, but)? I am cutting back on processed sugar. I am starting with a hard look at the pantry and fridge, noting ingredients and looking for alternatives. Notice I didn’t say cutting out..not yet anyway…I have homework to do and I know that cold turkey feels like punishment…not for me!
What do you want from yourself this year! Happy 2014!

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