Is Wellness Coaching For You?

I have been reading a number of posts and emails asking me what and ‘What is  Coaching?’ and specifically ‘What is Wellness Coaching?”

 Let me start with what Coaching is NOT. Coaching is NOT:



Medical Advocacy

Coaching is a team approach to creating wellness. Imagine me as the kind inner voice that helps to ask you the right questions, helping you to define your Wellness priorities.

 Why Wellness Coaching? As mentioned in previous posts, I have worked in the counseling field and in the weight loss field. I have struggled with weight and body image issues most of my life.  I have learned that we are more than the three digit number we see on the scale; too often we use that number as a battering ram against ourself and our success. Wellness Coaching provides me with a way to look beyond the scale, beyond the LDL and HDL and discern and achieve complete wellness based on the your individual needs.

When I work with a client, it is my goal to listen, help them prioritize their health goals and find creative and manageable ways to attain those goals. Look back at your own experiences. Have you ever undertaken a project only to feel completely snowed under? Once you divide that project into manageable, organized pieces, isn’t it easier to accomplish?

What I love about Coaching is the ability to cater to the specific client needs.  Some clients desire only 3 sessions to create a wellness program that helps them succeed. Other clients opt for more sessions. As a coach, I am the support, the shoulder, a buddy with the tool bag. I am ready to jump in with suggestions when the client is stumped. We work as a team!

Wellness Coaching takes on a lot of issues, from Menopause to Cancer, Weight Loss to Diabetes Management. All of my clients are making daily changes and adjustments. Coaches can be there to hold the proverbial hand, provide links to information and make referrals when necessary.

Keep the questions coming!

Until next time!





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