Making It Clear

We’ve all learned to take better care of our physical selves. We stretch, hydrate, sweat and cool down with focused intention. We cut the fat, increase the protein, embrace the fiber and ditch the salt. But what about our mental and emotional wellness?

Patients in chronic pain often remain unaware of how depressed and negative their pain has made them. Those of us who struggle with weight seem oblivious to the pressure and  ‘weight’ (I said it, I’m sorry) that the scale presents. Even those struggling to rehab after cardiac or orthopedic surgeries continually focus on mechanical challenges rather than the powerful cascade of emotions they also face.

Your doctor is monitoring your physical health, and the rehab specialist checks your range of motion and heart rate. But who is untangling the web of confusing and new feelings that come up when wellness shifts?

Some people are good at strategizing for themselves. Others seek out a friend or coach to help them mobilize their efforts.  Wellness coaches often start with the simplest of questions. What do you want? It is not surprising that many clients don’t know, or have a vague “I want to feel better” response.

I encourage clients to really define what they mean. If they are trying to lose weight, how much weight would yield a healthy result? What will the weight loss look like and feel like? For the cardiac patient, what are the benchmarks that indicate recovery? What reasonable expectations can they set for each week?

Without a clear vision of specific wellness goals, you cannot become your vision. When you or I stand back and long for a vision rather than embracing it, we are merely bystanders wishing and wanting.

This week, I want to ask you to do a little homework with me. Answer the questions below. If you’d like, email me your answers. Really think about how to manifest your best health!

1.What does wellness mean to me? (Describe all of the aspects of your wellness.)

2.What does wellness look like on me? (Really visualize yourself!)

3. What three small (tiny) steps can I take toward my wellness vision? (i.e-researching a weight loss  or exercise plan, purchasing a pill dispenser,

scheduling time to set new goals)

To Your Health!



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