Who Am I?

My name is Liz Rucker. I am a Health and Wellness Coach. My goal is to help clients reach their health goals. I work alongside doctors, physical therapist, rehabilitative therapists and the like.

I am certified through the Wellness Mapping 360 Wellness & Health Coach Certification Program. I also have a degree in Counseling from George Washington University.

I am the mother of two grown women and one very silly dog. My husband and I live in Northern Virginia and  enjoy traveling, sailing, movies and wine tasting! I am an avid reader and enjoy needlepoint (keeps my fingers out of the popcorn bowl).

Coaching is about partnering. I am here to partner with you as you strive to improve your health.

“I help people succeed at lasting lifestyle change. Coaches do not deliver treatment, but we are the behavioral change experts that help treatment be more effective.”- Dr. Michael Arloski

For further information on Coaching go to Contact Me.


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