Tap Tap Tap

I recently took a class in EFT (Emotional Feeling Technique) or Tapping. While I was familiar with Tapping, I had not really looked at its origin or applications. I spent the week listening to seminars from speakers in all fields all over the country and in Australia.

Tapping has gained supporters in recent years, but its origins can be found in ancient Chinese practices such as Acupressure and Acupuncture. The basic premise is that if we apply pressure, or tap on specific points in the body, while working through some pain (physical and emotional), we can begin to lessen and relieve distress.

Like many folks, I went into these seminars with my eyebrows arched and a long  list of questions. I had seen the promo videos with Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson, all of whom I admire.  As is my pattern, I dove in, head first.  I took copious notes and listened with an open heart and mind to some pretty remarkable experiences.

For me, the hours spent listening to the advantages of Tapping through emotional pain were most intriguing. Lori Leyden, who now runs the Orton Foundation (see links), talked at length about the effect that Tapping had on the families of victims of the Newtown, CT shooting.  Volunteers went to Newtown within weeks of the incident and began working in groups and individually with adults and children, teachers and emergency response teams. Lori was able to cite concrete examples of Tapping’s success.

In another session, the leader talked of the relationship between adult triggers and childhood pain. At the time I was having some conflicts with friends. I did a little Tapping, focusing on the fact that my feelings aren’t really about what is happening now but date back to my childhood. In the end I remembered an event in preschool that has colored and influenced my life. The trigger for this pain was my current situation, but the pain dated back to 1962!

I came away with a sense of appreciation for this technique and a vow to learn more and try it on for size. I am excited to continuing learning about Tapping and hope to bring it to my clients in session.

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To Your Health!