What My Clients Say

After losing 110 lbs, I enjoyed the usual honeymoon period! After about 8 months I began obsessing about my weight. A friend recommended that I see Liz to work on life in my new body. I have to say, my time with her has been amazing. She has helped me  to separate myself from my inner demons and embrace who I am right now! Thanks so much, Liz!


My husband had heart surgery 5 years ago. Our lifestyle needed a complete overhaul and we looked to Liz to help us make changes that benefitted our health and also fit our lives. She was a great help!


I have struggled with  (and have enjoyed!) food all of my life. If I am not losing, I am gaining. I sought out a Coach because I wanted to stop the roller coaster and relax. The sessions have been very realistic and very positive- -not pushy- -no directions- -no “must/should”. I like speaking with a like-minded person about these sometimes personal feelings and it’s sort of fun, at least it makes me chill a bit? Tiny step by tiny step I continue to learn and apply what we discuss. I like the fact that Liz works with me NOT for me and that I come to decisions based on information and discussion.


I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 31. I have two small kids, a job and a husband. We were overwhelmed. Liz helped us to wade through the all of information and helped us formulate our questions and clarify our priorities.  She worked with us as a family, including our four year old in the process. The frenzy that followed my diagnosis was easier because Liz gave us the tools to organize and take control.



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